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Reef Delete

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The perfect reef aquarium is free of pests. Nothing to sting, eat or smother your beautiful corals! However, every reef aquarist knows that this isn’t always the case! 

Reef Delete  is like having a simple delete button for all those unwanted pests. From Aiptasia to Flatworms to Cyanobacterias and Algaes. It’s the ultimate easy-to-use chemical free solution to help take your reef to the next level. 

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Reef Delete is the ultimate easy-to-use chemical-free solution to rid your aquarium of all kinds of pests.

Reef Delete uses patented technology coupled with a custom handmade ultra-focused Class 3 UV-C light source to efficiently destroy the DNA inside aquarium pests. This ultimately causes them to shut down and naturally decay without return. All that’s needed is a single long, or short daily exposures to cause devastating damage to the target organisms’ cells. All without using any chemicals or causing accidental damage to other aquarium inhabitants.  Unlike chemical treatments, you cannot overdose Reef Delete on a target specimen. The more exposure given, the faster the organism will break down – and you can do it to as many as you like without fear of causing damage to your water chemistry!


Effettive against there and more ..

Reef Delete works on all pest corals inc. Aiptasia, Mojano, Xenia, Zoanthids, Cyanobacteria, Algaes, Flatworms and any other photosynthetic or small soft invertebrates – not to mention bacteria and it’s ability to sterilise any surface in the aquarium!


Reef Delete can only be used underwater for the purpose that is has been designed for. The unit features several safety features which will prevent accidental activation and safety de-activation in the event the unit is removed from water whilst the power button is still pressed.